Backcountry Sleding

Camels Hump Mtn. VT

Mat, Doug, and I hiked up Camels Hump on what turned out to be a great January day. The sun was out with a fresh covering of light powder blanketing the mountain. After a slow start to the day we finally reached the summit. At the top the view was tremendous, we could see the Adirondack mountains to the west and the White mountains to the east. A layer of fog laid across the landscape with only the highest peaks breaking through into the clear sky.

The trip down was an adventure. Off came the snowshoes and out came the sleds. We dropped in on the path at the mercy of the trail. The adrenaline pumped as we picked up speed cruising down the narrow path just inches from trees. We bashed off rocks, whipped around corners, and flew down the steep inclines. with about 2 miles left I hit a rock buried beneath the snow and shattered the bottom of my sled. I tried to make it work but after a few more slopes my sled was in two pieces and un-rideable. As the sun set and the temperature dropped our adventure came to an end as we finally reached the car at the base of the mountain.

Click here to see pics from the trip


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