First Week in NZ

After the long flight from LA, we touched down in Auckland. We had the afternoon to explore the city before we left for Rotorua. Once in Rotorua we learned the world famous Haka. The intensity of the dance really gets you pumped up and now I know why the All Blacks perform this before their matches. After that we played some touch rugby, had some dinner, and then hit the town for the night.

The next morning some of us hopped on a bus and headed out to go whitewater rafting. Originally we were supposed to go down the Kaituna River but because of flooding we ended up going down the Wairoa river. The river had class 4 and 5 rapids that gave a hell of a ride and even bucked me off once into the rapids, after a quick second of shock I rode out the rapids until I was able to swim to and get back in the raft.

The next morning we headed off to go caving at Waitomo. We repelled down nearly 200ft and explored through the cave checking out all the stalgtights and stalgmites that covered the cave. Then in complete darkness we zipplined down the flying fox through the cave. On our way back from the caving we stopped at a dam to go swimming and found a 30ft cliff to jump and rope swing into the water.

Day five we went to see a show,  “Living Maori Village expierence”. I was chosen to be the Chief of group and had to accept a peace offering from the Maori warriors before we could get into their village. After that we got to learn about the Maori people and their way off life. To cap off the night they had prepared a traditional hangi dinner which was delicious.

After an early morning flight I finally arrived in Wellington where I will be staying for the next four and a half months. I got settled in and then my flat mate Sophie took me for a tour around the city. After a couple of days here I already love it and know that the semester ahead is going to be packed full of adventure and good times.



One thought on “First Week in NZ

  1. Sophie???? Gr-Pa said school wasn’t like that when he went to school!!!

    So glad to hear from you and glad you were not in Christchurch during the earthquake though your adventures, rafting, etc., certainly sound just as exciting!

    We will be looking forward to your future blogs.

    Love, Gr-Ma

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