Adventure to the South Island

Cape Farewell Beach

Since we had a week before classes started Eric, Pete, Adrianna, Hollis and I decided to go explore the South Island. We hopped on the ferry to Picton, rented a car, grab some maps and started exploring. First we went to Moultenbouro which is where most of New Zealand’s wineries are. In the morning we went from one cellar door to another doing wine tastings trying to act like we knew a little about wine, but I don’t think we were very successful with that. After about our sixth or seventh winery we decided to move on towards Abel Tasman. We stopped at a hostal on Kaiteriteri beach and hung out there for the night. We walked the beach at sunset and started climbing some rocks to hang out but then as Eric went to go higher the rocks gave out on him and he fell about fifteen feet to the ground. Adrina and I ran to some nearby houses to call for help while Pete and Hollis stayed with Eric and made him a makeshift sling. Once finally at the hospital we found out that he had broken his humorous and broke and dislocated his wrist. After a long night at the hospital we decided to leave because Eric was going to have to stay a few more days for surgery.

With are spirits down and everyone thinking about Eric we drove up to golden bay were we found a great little beach with barley anyone else there. Here we went swimming, relaxed on the beach, and met a few of the locals. We went up to an overlook were there was a deck to watch the sun set and sleep for the night, but then it got pretty cold so we moved to the car to try to sleep for the rest of the night.

In the morning we just drove hopping to find somewhere nice to hang out for the day. We ended up just north of Collingwood at the very top of golden bay. We walked through a field of cows and sheep then as we went through the trees it opened up to an incredible beach. We walked the coast and had some wine and lunch. After a few hours at the beach we sadly moved on as the tide was coming in and the beach was disappearing, none of us wanted to leave. We decided to make our way back to Nelson, where the hospital was, to pick up Eric in the morning. One section of the drive was an adventure as you wind back and forth up a mountain on a narrow mountain road. Are beater corolla rental car struggled up the mountain and its brakes got a workout on the way down but we safely made it over the mountain and back to Nelson.

In the morning we picked up Eric and headed back to Picton to catch our ferry back to Wellington. It was a long 5 days but it was worth it as everywhere we went the scenery was amazing, except for the hospital.

Click Here for pictures


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