View of Wellington from the Northern Walk

So I’ve been living in Wellington for about 8 weeks now and I love it. I don’t spend much time inside so that’s why I haven’t posted much yet. There is just so much to do here, I feel like I am always busy. I have been playing rugby for Old Boys University which is the local men’s club team and I scored a tri in our first competition game so I was pretty excited about that. The team has been a lot of fun, all the guys are really chill and are there to have a good time. The Botanical Garden is a really cool spot, it’s like a 10 min walk from where I live so I go walk around there a lot. The garden covers over 60 acres so there is a lot to see. Our favourite spot to go is what is known as the trippy tree. It’s this tall circular hedge looking tree, about 20-25 ft or so and you can climb up through the middle and lie on the top. The best part is that it looks out over the city and the harbour. Just the other day my mate Pete and I went up there to chill and do some writing. When the water was warm in the beginning of the year we went down to the waterfront a lot and jumped off into the harbour or would go to oriental bay which is a nice small little beach right in the city. I spend a lot of time walking up and down the hill. Wellington is positioned right on the side of a hill and I live at the top and it’s about a 15 min walk to the centere of town. It’s all hill and stairs so walking back up after a night on the town especially is a pain but after walking it so much its not to bad now but I still resent it. There is one way to go up that is all stairs straight up and we have nicknamed them the death stairs because it is by far the worst way to go up the hill. The night life in Wellington is really good, there is always a lot of good music. One night Pete Eric and I went and saw Donavon Frankenreiter at Bodega on night and that was a really good show. In June were going see Fat Freddy’s Drop which one of the biggest bands to come out of NZ so that should be a lot of fun. I hiked Mt. Vic on day which is this small mountain on the edge of the city and on the top there is a great 360 of the city. Another day we went on the Northern Walk on the other side of the city through this forest and up to a ridge which also had a great view. It’s nice to be able to walk out of the city and escape into the woods for a nice hike so easily. The market on Sunday down at the waterfront is also really nice to go get some fresh fruit and vegetables and the street vendors have really good food. This Friday a group of us went down and explored Te Papa for almost 5 hours and probably only saw about half of the stuff in the museum. There were all sorts of interactive exhibits, there was a short 3-D movie, a room where you could play ukuleles, and a light up map of New Zealand. I’m definitely going to have to go back to check out the rest. After Te Papa Eric, Pete, and I went to a Hurricanes game at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, they ended up losing but it was a lot of fun especially since we were in the second row at midfield. Then today a few of us took a short cab ride out to Owhiro Bay where there was a nice coastal walk around the bay and at the end there were some seals hanging out, It was the first sunny day in the last week so it was nice to get out and walk around. So Wellington has been amazing so far and there is still more to do, I just found out that there is another botanical garden that is all native species and has a walkway through a section of the canopy so that is my next adventure.

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