Campervan Trip (brief summary)

First campsite of our adventure in the campervan

Eric, Pete, and I rented a campervan for two weeks to drive around New Zealand’s North Island during our mid-semester break. We drove over 2000km following the coast going from place to place. Every day was packed full of adventure as everyplace we stopped there was something amazing to see or do. Starting in Auckland, we first we drove around northland stopping at the beaches. One day we sailed on the Bay of Islands. Then we went down the west coast to surf at Ragland. Next we continued down the surf highway around Mt. Taranaki. After that we drove the forgotten highway to Taupo and Rotorua where we checked out the hot pools and went zorbing. Then it was back to the east coast and the beaches at Whitianga and Coromendel. Lastly it was back to Auckland for one final night before bussing back to Wellington. We stopped at so many amazing places that it is too tough to describe all of them but hopefully the pictures will give you a good idea. Living in a campervan was quite the experience that I would definitely do again. It gave us the freedom to just explore with no real plan of where we were going to spend each night. Some nights we were parked on some beautiful beaches and would wake up to the sunset and the waves crashing and other nights we would be pulled off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere but it was all a part of the adventure. Sorry about the quick summary, but it would take pages to give describe the trip in full, if you have questions about it I’d be glad to answer them for you.

Click here for pics!!!


One thought on “Campervan Trip (brief summary)

  1. thanks for putting up the pics case. It’s obvious that you are having way to much fun. The sailing trip looks like it was a blast.

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