Camping trip

Orongorongo River

Since I had some free time between the end of classes and finals i decided to get off my butt and go for a hike into the Rimutaka Range. I packed up and took the train and than the bus to Wainuiomata where the Whakanui trail began. It was a steep initial climb and then it leveled off as it goes across a ridge line before it drops down to the Orongorongo river bed. I decided to pitch my tent here and explore the river bed for a bit before it got dark. I walked around and because of the recent rain the river was going pretty fast. I crossed it to scout out the trail head to Mt. Matthews which i was planning on hiking in the morning. But the river crossing was a little sketchy as the water was thigh deep rapids. I made it across and found some nice huts on the other side. I returned to my campsite on the other side of the river and decided the ice cold rapids were a little to sketchy to cross again in the morning. I had a nice slow morning than hiked back. Overall it was around a 20km hike, it was nice and peaceful with great views and just a good escape from the city.

Click here for the pics from the trip!


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