4K for Cancer Day 1

Today was the beginning of a 70 day journey that will change change the lives of many including myself. All three rides, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, all gathered at the Baltimore Harbor to continue the tradition of dipping our back tire into the water in quest of reaching the other coast. But our journey is bigger than that as we will be spreading the mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults across the country, raising money to fulfill the mission, meeting and uniting communities along the way, and dedicating our ride to those who have been affected by cancer.
Today I dedicated my ride to my Pop Pop, James Harris, who passed away after a long battle with colon cancer. As I rode today I thought of him, his kind heart, and his great character. Today we were lucky enough to have some great Seattle 4K alumni biking along side of us and driving the vans to help show us the ropes. As we battled through the 60 mile day realizing we probably should have trained a bit more we came together as a group and help each other to get though the day. I have a great group of people to share this ride and it already feels like I have known them for weeks. We reached our destination and settled in to the Y after a great meal that they so kindly provided for us. I’m so thankful for their great hospitality.
Tomorrow we move onto day 2 where a whole new adventure lies ahead of us.


2 thoughts on “4K for Cancer Day 1

  1. Casey, Ray and I are so very proud of what you are doing. Pop Pop was s great man, and would be honored by your dedication to him. Know that we are all supporting you and thinking of you everyday. Love mom and Ray

  2. Hi Casey, we area so proud of you for participating in this ride across the country. Pop Pop would be very touched to know that you dedicated your first leg of this journey to him. We are cheering you along the way, just keep building up those muscles…have you used the icy/cold cream yet?
    We love you, keep peddling!

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