Finding the Right Gear

What a week it has been! Sorry for not posting over this week but it has been a jammed packed week of adventure as we have been learning the process of the daily tasks needed to bike across the country. As the week has gone on we have gotten much better as we have gotten lost less, made better routes, and bikers become stronger and quicker.

Day 2 was definitely a battle as we struggled with directions and had to re route around a military testing site turning it into a long 82 mile day that ended with some backbreaking hills. We got an early start to the day as we knew it would be a fairly though day ahead of us little did we know how tough it actually was. Luckily my riding group was up to the challenge and was in good spirits. As the day went on the sun pounded down on us reaching the mid 90’s but we did our best to stay hydrated and push forward. We were smiling the whole way enjoying each others company and getting to know each other. We knew we had a big climb near the end of the day from looking at the elevation chart so we were ready for it and once we got on Gold Mine Rd the accent began. It was hard but with each others support we made it to the top. It was well rewarded with a great decent. Thinking we were home free and had a mellow ride to town from there we were abruptly met by another monstrous mountain that made the other one look like a speed bumb. We took our time and chipped away at it fighting hard for every pedal. We were determined to get to the host site as other riders began to drop as they reached their physical limit. But whew kept fighting with big smiles laughing and yelling at the hill all the way to the top. And oh how glorious it was to get there. Relieved and excited we dropped down the other side enjoying the the positive aspect of gravity. The we cruised the last ten miles into our host riding the high of what we had just concurred. We arrived at the church at dusk to cheers from our teammates and a spread of delicious food from our host which capped of a memorable day.

Day 4 – Surprise Century

What was supposed to be a 80 mile day with 8 climbs turned into a grueling 108 mile battle due to a down bridge. It was a hot day and rough start as we began the day with a decent climb. I was riding with Ray who the last few days had been battling with knee pain the last few days and was struggling and was in obvious discomfort but he fought through it like a champ, in the beginning I wasn’t sure if he would make it to the first water station at mile 20 but he proved me wrong as he kept fighting and gave it everything he had. At mile 80 we hit a mammoth climb but we worked our way up it bit by bit and then costed into town to another great home cooked meal by our hosts.

All of the days have been great those were some of the memorable ones as we had to really dig deep and push ourselves to make it through the day. But what I have been most impressed by is how quickly our team has come together and pushed each other through these challenges. You would think we have know each other for years as we all have become so close to each other already. It makes for a great atmosphere and a great time as I am constantly laughing and having a good time. I feel like we our hitting our stride now and getting into a good rhythm. We are currently on day 8 of the trip and are in Rochester NY, tomorrow we set off to Buffalo and we will see what new adventure comes to us.

You can also follow the ride on our team twitter site @4kseattle or our Facebook page at


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