Century #2

Century number two lied ahead of us, some feared it but Some saw it as a challenge. We were going from Buffalo NY to Lake City PA. We woke nice and early, 4am, to get ready for the day. We had great weather and a great ride ahead as we followed along side Lake Erie for most of the day. I was riding with Molly, Liz, and Rose. We kept a good pace while enjoying the scenery along the way talking 20 miles at a time, from water stop to water stop. Right before lunch we stopped at a strawberry patch to pick some fresh strawberries. Sam and Spencer got us a great lunch that consisted of sandwiches and yogurt that came from a variety of stores. With about 35 miles left we pushed on feeling the weight of lunch the pace was a little slower and our legs began to tire but we kept chipping away at the miles until we finally reached the Erie YMCA. Most of us immediately walked down to the lake to take a din, it was cold but felt so good on the tired legs. The Y provided us a great pasta dinner, and then had the news crew come film us for a bit. Johnny set up his slack line and attempted to teach us, little improvement was made but I am determined to get better at it by trips end. To end the night we had a camp fire with marshmallows.
All in all it was a great day from completing a century to a great spot on the lake to kick back and relax.


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