Kicking it into High Gear

Today we started in Cleveland OH and 65 miles later finished in Sandusky OH. It was a great day, as the sun was out, everyone was feeling good, probably because we got to sleep in until 8 after the previous two mornings where we woke up at 4 am. In addition, Melenie’s parents provided us with breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and juice. Johnney got Starbucks to donate coffee, and a local shop donated smoothies to us. So the morning was great and on top of that I had a great group today. I was with Caiti, Megan, James, and Stephan Hersey. We meandered our way out of Cleveland taking a detour to look at the rock and roll hall of fame and than once on the open road open up and took off. It was fun to have a group of riders that all like to go fast. We were pacing between 18 and 20 mph for most of the day. We beat the food van to the lunch stop, so we pulled off at the river to hang out and Caiti and Cali went and got a company to allow us to borrow a couple kayaks for free while we hung out. Then we feasted once the lunch van got there as we had a ton of pizza, subs, burritos, wings, and cookies. Since it was a short day we hung out for awhile and than all of a sudden the water van showed back up with a tub of ice cream that they got donated. Once we finally got back on the road with our stomachs at capacity we finished the finall 20 mi. But we made one last pit stop before we got into the church that is hosting us tonight. We say a playground with a water park section to it so we decided to cool off. after hanging out there for a bit the other groups filtered in and joined before we road the last few blocks to the church where we were greater with a great dinner that consisted of pulled pork, salad and cake.
So overall it was a great day and I had a blast!


One thought on “Kicking it into High Gear

  1. Sounds like a fantastic day Casey! So many people deeply appreciate all that you are doing for those with cancer. Grandma is having her operation on the 25th to remove her cancerous tumor in her jaw..dedicate that day to her and it may bring her good luck! Glad everyone enjoyed the cookies and brownies! Love ya, mom

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