Swim and Feast

A few of us woke up around 7 and hung out on the porch drinking tea and eating some pastries that were donated while everyone else slept in. We woke everyone els up at 9 so we got off to a late start but we only had a 46 miles to Lansing from Brighton MI. My group, Sam, Chealse, and Ella, headed out first and decided to take a short detour right away to IsLand lake and went for a swim. It was a great refreshing way to start the days bike ride. We got back on the route and fought a headwind all day, but it was worth it for when we arrived at the lunch stop at mile 40 we were treated with mounds of food from every restaurant you could imagine. Jose even managed to get me mashed potatoes and gravy, something I had challenged Spencer to try and get just a few days earlier. We feasted on the food under a tree on the side of the road and met a man who worked at a local bike shop. He called the local news station for us and set up an interview for us. After lunch we were stuffed and set of to finish the last few miles, but than my group saw an ice cream stand about a mile in and decided to stop. The nice workers there donated us some free cones which were delicious, there is always room in my stomach for desert. Upon arriving at the host we met up with a man from the CH 6 news station who than interviewed Luke and I about our ride. We proceed to have a great dinner provided by host followed by a trip to the laundromat to do laundry but also to use the free wi-fi so people could blog about the day. It was another great adventurous day on the 4K.


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