Notre Dame

After a great night in South Haven we set off for South Bend IN. I road with Megan, Ella, and Jose. It was a short day only about 55 miles so we decided to just put our heads down and get to South Bend Early and have lunch on the campus green. It was a pretty straight forward bike not a whole lot going on, the slight headwind definitely slowed us down and made the biking a little more difficult. After a couple quick water stops we found ourselves way ahead of the other groups so we stopped at Steak and Shake and the manager gave us some delicious burgers. After a couple more miles we were at Notre Dame campus next to the golden dome. The lunch van was there waiting for us with chipotle burritos and soon after the water van showed up with a couple trays of subway sandwiches. After eating and hanging out Ray took us on quick bike tour of the campus which was really awesome. After that we went to the church that was hosting us for the night and unpacked the vans, then went back to campus for showers and laundry. That evening Ray friends who were living in the area had a BBQ for us at their house. It was a great time to kick back relax and have some fun.


2 thoughts on “Notre Dame

  1. Casey this sounds like you had a really wonderful day! What a way to see the county! Enjoy your time in Chicago with Katy! Love you!

  2. Hi Casey, I’m really enjoying your Blogs. Sounds like you’re really having a great time and a lot to eat!!! Good thing you are getting so much exercise or you would weigh 300 pounds by now!
    Love, Grandma

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