Apple Blossom Sunrise

Last night I got the idea to wake up early to go up the mountain to wach the sunrise over the Mississippi valley. So I proposed it to the team and got 13 people to join me. So we woke up at 4am quickly packed our stuff and hit the road but not after being attacked by the sprinklers infront of the church. Sunrise was at 5:23 so we had to race to get to the top in time, it began to get lighter and we knew we were running out of time so we went as fast as we could. We hit the mountain as hard as we could and luckily got to the top with minutes to spare. We stood together at the overlook and watch the sun come up filling the sky with amazing colors.

Our original plan was to than nap at the top until the rest of the team made it up but the bugs were eating us alive and it began to rain to we decided to continue biking to try and find shelter. But we were in the middle of nowhere and ended up biking 50 mi before 10 o’clock without any van support. We than found a store called That Store in Utica which was a non profit thrift shop. Mary who worked there was very nice and gave us some water and some members got some crazy outfits. We than proceeded on to town and got some breakfast at Del’s Cafe. After a filling meal we proceeded on and finally saw the water van, they told us that lunch would be in 8 miles. None of us that hungry anymore looked at it as a nap stop. So we hightailed it there and crashed instantly on the payment in the parking lot. We than work up to a giant feast of food when the food van showed up 30 min later. For some reason I decided to eat more and stuffed my face with burgers, pizza, and cookies. As I was eating the other half of our team that left later finally caught up to us. I was now sufficiently full and the sun began to come out so the early morning group moved to the shade for another nap. When we woke up everyone was leaving the lunch stop so we when back to the pavement and rather than leaving right than and being right on the tail of the other group we decided to sleep a bit more on the pavement. So finally after a two and a half hour lunch break we decided to finish the last 12 miles to Rochester MN. We arrived at the church showered up and than had a great taco dinner.


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