Into the Darkness

Today we went from Elroy to La Crosse WI. I road with Cali, Alex, Abe, Ella, and Raymond, and we were all excited because it was a short 60 mile day all on bike trails and we got to go through tunnels. We started the day off with a great breakfast from our host who cooked us pancakes and sausages. We hit the trail and we were all just taking it easy going nice and slow enjoying the morning. We hit the first water stop 20 miles in and Alex, Cali, and I decided to walk a block into the town of Norwalk to check it out. We saw a small cafe so we decided to go in to see if we could get some coffee donated. When we went in Craig was more than happy to give us a cup of coffee and at one table was a bunch of old ladies who told us it was their gossip hour, theirs was at 9, the guys was at 10. We chatted with Janet and she told us all about here life and how she had lost her husband recently to cancer. It was a very touching story and it was great to experience the small town atmosphere. We eventually made it back to the water stop to find everyone gone so we had to catch up. Along the path we first hit two tunnels that were both around 1,600ft long and the third tunnel was around 3/4 of a mile long. It was a little nerve racking to bike through especially with a dying head lamp but we all made it through safely. As we approached La Crosse we found a stream to jump into off a small bridge. We arrived at the host and then shuttled to his friends house on the Mississippi where they fed us and their was a pool, kayaks, hot tub, and beach volleyball. It was a great way to end the day.


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