Cali, Alex, Melani, and I woke up to some freshly baked bread and scones by Mickey along with fruit, cereal, and coffee. We sat around the kitchen and chatted for a bit and we asked about all the art pieces we saw around the house of a car on the water. Turns out that Richie had a amphiecar, he took us out to the garage and showed us. There are only about 350 left in the world and it was made in Germany between 1963 to 1967. Than he offered to take us out in it later that afternoon.
We than took off to go to the team meaning that was at another host house down the street. There some people went to get the vans serviced, some cleaned bikes, others practiced for the variety show that we were putting on in the evening for a hope lodge. Cali and I rode our bikes down the street to a ups store to get copies of our donation sheet donated so we could hand them out while canning on the street.
I than later went out with Liz to try and get donations on the street. We walked all around the lake and to Uptown, after a few hours and six miles of walking we called it a day, unfortunately we didn’t have great success as we only made around $35.
When we got back to the host site I met up with Cali and Alex and Richie picked us up in is amphicar and took us out to Bryant Lake. We drove right into the water and did a lap around the lake. The car sat a out a foot above water and we sat on top of the seats. It was a great sunny day and we all had a blast chillin on the lake in a car! we than drove out of the lake and went back to car mode, and on our way back Richie took us to a dive in ice cream spot and got us some shakes!
After o ur read afternoon adventure I t was time for our service project, we went to a hope lodge and put on a varity show for the family’s staying there. Luke sand and played piano, Ishpret did an Indian dance, Alek played ukulele, Emily and Liz did a comedy skit, and than Steven, Kevin, Johnney, and I did a slow bike race and granny gear race. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed the show.
We than went to one of the family’s homes that hosted a few of the team members the night before for dinner. They put together a great potato bar the was absolutely delicious. We ehung out there for a while and than a couple of us tried to run down to the lake to see the space station go by but we got lost and missed it unfortunately.
It turned out to be a great off day packed full of different activities.



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