Chalk Talk

Today James and I were in the water van. We woke up at 3:30 and took down the tent from the backyard, packed our stuff, grabbed some breakfast and hit the road at 4:40. We chalked a few turns to get the riders on to co rd 16 which took them all the way to Chamberlain, SD. It was about a 75 mile day for the riders but it was supposed to get us to around 100 degrees, so that is why we decided to leave so early. We set up water stops at 22 miles and 45 miles. It was a quick day as the first group arrived at the host at 10:30am and the last group got in around 12:20ish. We had gotten a call from the food van when we were getting close to the host that they needed help with food donations, so after we chalked to the host we went to Pizza Hut and got 4 pizzas donated. We all had lunch outside the rec center which is where we are staying and then most of us biked back a half mile to the beach on the Missouri river and went swimming. At the campground where the beach was we saw there was a bike car thing so we asked if we could use it and they said sure. So Caiti, Spencer, Cali, Alex and I all road it around for a bit. Than I took a nap in the shade under a tree before returning back to the host where we hung out until dinner. Dinner was an assortment of food that was healthy and delicious. After that I worked on a video of the trip so far that I will post soon. Then I went to sleep to prepare for the 3:30 wake up.


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