Booking it to the Badlands

Midland to the Badlands

We got an early start out of midland to try and beat the heat to the Badlands. We only had 60 miles to go, so it was a pretty short day. I was with Spencer, Megan, and Luke, and we were put together because Spencer needed a fast team to get to the park first to check in. We took off with Megan pulling right into I steep climb to start the day, but we were still going at least 15mph. We each pulled for 5 miles over rolling hills averaging 20 mph to the first water stop. We got some snacks and water and headed out repeating the same thing except I think we went more around 23mph. We hit 20mi before the water van so we stopped and waited for ten minutes until they arrived. Refueled again and than realized that we were right at the turn and looked at the road and it was a dirt road that went straight up over a big hill. Other groups started to arrive at the water stop so we took off up the dirt road, turned out not to be that bad as it rolled through the beautiful country side. We were on that for about 8mi and about halfway through we could see the Badlands on the horizon jutting up out of the ground. Shortly after the dirt road we got to the park entrance checked in and than began biking through the park to the campsite. We cruised through a short section admiring all the rock formation and than had a great decent down the pass to our campsite. We got there and hung out at the lodge for a bit until the rest arrived where we proceeded to eat lunch and set up tents for the night.
After that it was only about 1:00 or so, but it was beginning to get HOTTT!! The weather said it was going to get to around 112 degrees. We decided to scramble up some small rock formations right next to our camp. A few of us than decided to brave the heat and hike some trails. We decided to do the notch trail, which was labeled as strenuous but was only 1.5mi to a cool lookout over the valley and our campsite area. We than went to the visitor center to escape the heat and ended up napping in the room that sowed a 20min video about the badlands. After a few run throughs of that we returned to the campsite for dinner.
Than Alex, Johnny, Cali, and I went on an evening adventure were we went on the door trail but then continued past in down into the rock formation as the sun was setting and a amazing red moon rose over the horizon. On our way back to the car we were walking ion the wooded boardwalk path to be extremely startled by the rattle of a rattle snake that was lying right next to the path. We went back to camp and back up the smaller formations we were on earlier to look at the moon. It was quite the site to see as it was a full moon. After carefully climbing back down we slept on top of the wooden overhangs that provided shade for the picnic table. It was a nice cool night.
It was full day of adventure in a beautiful area and I can’t wait to go back to explore it some more.







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