Country Road – Black Hills

Last night we had a team meeting about today’s route. The question was weather to go around the Black Hills and have a shorter and flatter day, or go through. Luckily we convinced the group to take o. The challenge and go through because today wa probably the most scenic day of the trip and I had a blast.
In my group was Megan, Caiti, Liz, and Lindsay and we were going from Rapid City SD to Sundance WY. It was a 90mi route with multiple climbs. The morning started off slow as we entered into the black hills. But after the first water stop we picked up the pace a bit and flew into the water stop at the bottom of a 2.5mi hill with a 7% grade. After snacks and water we pressed on to lunch where we hit a similar hill but only after a five mile climb. Lunch was about five miles in on a dirt road in Spearfish Canyon which was absolute beautiful. We were biking through this lush forest with giant rock ledges all around us. After Lunch we had 30mi to go and turned out the next 20 were all on small dirt road where we didn’t see a single car and cruised through the country side, a ne point have to heard som cow out of the road so we could pass. When the dirt road ended so did the woods and we exited into to the vast open land of Wyoming. About 11 hr after we left this morning we arrived at the high school where we are spending the night and food van was able to get a ton of food donated for dinner. So we ate and than went to a truck stop down the road to use the showers and Wi-Fi.
Pics to come


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