Woke up at 5:30 this morning and our host made us pancakes. We then headed out, I was in Jose’s birthday group. It was Jose, Johnny, Caiti, Emily, and I riding together. After ten miles we stopped at the site of the landslide created by an earthquake in 1959, it was a 7.9 and took out the side of the mountain and hurried 19 people, it also created Earthquake Lake. After this we decided it was learning day and stopped by all the historical fact signs on the side of the road. We learned about the vigilante road by Adobetown, The hangout of the Innocent Gang, a man that discovered the easiest way through the mountains and ‘he didn’t know about navigation but he knew where he was going’. The first 50 mi or so flew by but than we hit about a 6 mi climb and gained about 2000 ft of elevation. As we began the climb we could see the water van parked at the top and we could tell Sam and Cali were just watching us slowly make our way up the mountain. At the top there was a great view of the valley below and the mountains in the distance. Then as we all know with a climb there is a decent and it was a good one all the way into Virginia City which was a old mining town turned into a tourist stop. We went to the creamery and got some Ice Cream donated for Jose’s birthday. After lunch we got into Sheridan and settled into the Elementary school. We than went to the park where a church fundraiser was going on for a hospital and they were kind enough to feed us the food that was leftover. We got some delicious pulled pork sandwiches, beans, cowls law, and brownies. Know I’m just hang out rests up for our century into Wisdom MT.

Today was a great day, there was amazing scenery along the way, saw a bald eagle on the lake, went fast along the valley, cruising between 25-30 mph, had a nice tough climb, got ice cream, and a great dinner!



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