Dinner at 6!

Today I road with Megan, Kevin, Luke, and Jose from Spokane WA to Grand Coulee WA. It was 85 miles through the desert of eastern WA with mostly climbs. Megan started off the day pulling but only after we did a circle around Spokane thanks to the water van. And Megan who always likes to go fast didn’t give us anytime to warm up and pulled 15 mi averaging 22mph than I took the lead for the next 5 into the water stop at a nice calm 18 – 20mph. At the water stop we all jokingly ranted and complained about Megan pulling so fast but I assured my team not to worry because I would start pulling the next section and that I would go at a comfortable pace. But than when we started going again my legs felt refreshed and I ended up pulling 10 miles at 22mph as well and than Luke took over and continued it for 6 or 7 miles. Ten all of a sudden Kevin jumped in the lead and pulled at 26/27 mph for the last few miles Becky get me back for not taking it easy. So when we arrived at the water stop we were all exhausted and legs burning and we agreed we would calm it down for the next 20 mi. Luke started off and kept it at a nice 15-17 mph for about 5 mi, and then turned over the lead to Jose who than decided to pull at 20+ mph for the next ten mi. As we approached a hill gong at about 15mph Jose just took off the we needs up gong up the whole hill at 20 which at the next water stop we yelled at him for. So at mi 60 water stop we are pretty tired now and it’s about 11:00 we take a nice long break before we head out and a few miles in Luke gets a flat so we stop and Megan quickly patches it and we proceed only to stop two minutes later because it is flat again. This time Luke re-patches the tube only for it to last a couple mor minutes before going flat again. This time Megan gives Luke a new tube and we get going again and it is now 12:30 and we have only gone 3 miles since the last water stop and almost all the teams have passed us. We continue on and we are going through a small little town when all of a sudden I hear Kevin yell from the back of the group, and what do ya know, he’s got a flat now. Luckily it was in town this time and not on the side of the road in a desert. We happened to stop by a bank the was giving out free homemade ice cream, so we went in and got some while Kevin patched his tube. Then we continued on for about 5 more miles and Kevin’s tube goes flat again. This time not a great stopping spot, no shade and it’s hot on the side of the road in barren land. The tube is in patch able with the one patch we have left so Megan give him one of her spares and when he goes to pump it up the valve is broken so we have no way a fixing his tire. Right as we find this out a car stops and asks if we need help, so we through Kevin and his bike in the car and continue to bike. We had a couple climbs left than a nice decent into town. We got some lunch, took a nap, then went out and got some Thai food donated for dinner. After that we went to a pizza shop to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Then we rallied some troops and drove down to the dam and watched the laser light show that told the history of the dam.



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