The City of Subdued Fun

After completing the bike ride across the country I decided to find a place to live in Bellingham, WA where my girlfriend Cali goes to school at Western Washington University. I met one of her friends Brian who was heading out of town for a couple of months and let me use his old volts wagon van to live I’m for real cheap. The van was great it was all I really needed, it stayed parked the the back of the house I now live in the attic of because it got to cold. But it kept expenses low allowing me to save money for hiking the PCT. The first week I was there I was able to pick up two quick jobs which was good cause I needed money. I got a landscaping job form Sarah who was staring her own commercial landscaping business and had a few big jobs she needed help with. This work was great backbreaking work but paid well and was outdoors. My second job was busing tables at the Chuckanut Manor on weekends. My bike was still my on,y mode of transportation and This job was 12 miles from my house but the road to it was this beautiful winding hilly road along the water. I worked these jobs for a couple of months but the landscaping work was coming to an end so I picked up a job as a lifty at Mt Baker Ski area. Check out my post about baker for more t that experience.IMG_0021 Bellingham has been great as it has so much to offer. There is plenty of hiking within biking distance in the Chuckanut mountains, and the North Cascades are only a short drive away. They have Mt Baker Ski Are which gets a ton of snow and some great terrain. There is great mountain biking at Galbraith.Vancouver B.C is a short bus north and the San Juan Islands to the west which I had a great bike adventure on. And the town of bellinham itself is a great laid back town with great people, it reminds me a lot of Burlington VT. And I’m sure there are a lot more great things that I have yet to explore. It’s going to be though to leave this place as I get ready to set off on the PCT especially as the nice weather is moving in but it will be nice to have a good network of friends here for when I finish the PCT just north of Bellingham


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