Buried at Baker

20130412-164113.jpgAfter 4 years of school in Maryland I was finally back in a snowy winter, well sort of. Bellingham didnt get any snow but I was working up at Mt Baker Ski Area which gets tons of snow. I got a job as a lift attendant, not the biggest money maker to help save for the trail but I figured if I kept expenses low it would work and I would get to ski all winter, something I had really missed over the last few years. I came up for training in early November and the mountain was bare except a few patches of snow at the top. The mountain hoped to open around Thanksgiving and I was thinking there was no way, but one storm came through and sure enough it opened the day before turkey day. That’s when I first realized how much and how fast it can snow here. This placed gets absolutely dumped on. It holds the world record for snowfall when in the 98′ 99′ season they got 1,140 in!!! Throughout the month of December it seemed like there was at least 6 to 8 inches of fresh every day.

But best of all there are no lift lines. This place is at the end of a dead end highway, 8 miles form the Canadian border. I take the employee shuttle up to the mountain from Bellingham for work and get time to ski throughout the work day. It is a great mountain with a lot of fun terrain it also has great backcountry access which I hope to skin out to with Colin this April before we leave for the trail. It’s been a fun winter on the mountain. I sit at work and I am constantly mesmerized by the spectacular 360 view of the surrounding mountains. Mt Shuksun stands tall right on the edge of the ski area with people dropping great lines down its arm and you have great views of Mt Baker as it looms off to the other side.



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