PCT: Mile 109 – Warner Springs

DSC05370 DSC05460 What a start to the PCT. Colin and I started on Thursday and now we are sitting at Warner Springs 109 miles down the trail. We started at the Mexican border in Campo, CA, went and touched the fence and headed north. The desert landscape has been amazing so far and has been better then I expected. There are mountains everywhere, and you can see forever. The ground is covered by mostly shrubs and rocks but there are also beautiful wild flowers all over. The night sky is amazing, we have had a nice bright moon to walk under as we escape the scorching midday heat and as the moon fades away the stars shine bright and cover the sky with the milky way streaking across it. We have enjoyed the company of all the fellow DSC05495hikers on the trail and have created instant friendships with all of them as we all seek to finish the 2600 mile trek. A couple of days ago many of us took refuge under a bridge as it was the only shade for miles and there was a water cache. Colin, Joe and I decided to hitch into the town of Jillian because we heard PCT hikers could get a free piece of pie form Mom’s Pies there. It was delicious and hit the spot. We then walked across the street and picked up some cold beer to bring back to everyone under the bridge. After getting a ride back with Worldwide and Yogi we shared the beer with everyone and it put smiles on all their faces and lifted everyone’s spirits to gear up and hit the trail as the sun began to fade into the horizon. Hiking has been going smoothly thus far and we have been covering about 17mi a day. Food has been delicious in great part thanks to seabear’s salmon donation and some creative mixes of food. We are now hanging out at the Warner Springs Community Center resting up and resupplying as we gear up to head back into the wilderness.DSC05435

Colin and I are both having a blast out here and can’t wait to continue north. Our next town stop should be in four of fives days up in Idyllwild and I will hopefully be able to get another post up.DSC05511


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