Kennedy Meadows Mi 702!!! Time for the Sierras!!!


Been a few miles since the last post but we’ve been cruisin and having a blast. Last post we were at Agua Dulce where we did a giant food shop and bought all our food for the next few hundred miles through the Sierra’s and sent it out. It was a long busy day of planning so we spent a second night at Hiker Heaven before heading out onto the trail.

We had a beautiful hike out and went 24 miles to the Andersons’ house where we celebrated Sexy Legs’ birthday. Colin and I then joined forces with Deer Hunter and Sexy Legs who are from Missouri and we were also with Lorax. The section to Mojave/Tehachapi had an array of landscapes. We went through pine forest mountains, many burned down forest sections, we walked along the aqueduct across the Mojave desert, and through a wind farm. The wind farm was one of the windiest places I’ve ever been. There were sustained winds around 45mph and it felt like you were going to be blown off the trail. The windmills were quite the site, they covered the landscape like suburban sprawl.

After our resupply in Tehachipi we picked up the pace and did 136mi in 5 and a half days. it was a tough push but exciting as we approached Kennedy Meadows. we thought we were working our way out of the desert this section but then hit one of the driest most desolate sections yet. We had a 33mi section between water sources in hot heat. After a night of dry camping in that section we stumbled down the mountain in the morning to properly hydrate our bodies so we could continue on. Also on this section I ran into my first rattlesnake, nearly stepped on it about a foot off the trail. It scared the crap out of me and i jumped backwards extremely fast. The snake had its head up and was ready to strike,its rattle was going like crazy. Once I calmed down from the adrenaline rush I got some video of it before moving on.

About 5mi before Kennedy Meadow we came to a small river just big enough to take a dip in. It had been almost 500mi since the last water source that was big enough to get in so I stopped immediately and took the plunge. It felt very rejuvenating to cool down and rinse off.

We got to Kennedy Meadow which consist pretty much of a General Store. We’ve been staying at Tom’s place down the street. he has a bunch of trailers for hikers to stay in, including a trailer with laptops and internet to use and an outdoor movie theater. It has been a great place to relax and rest up before we go into the High Sierras. In just a few days we will be on the summit of Mt Whitney, the tallest Mt in the continental US. We are super excited for the upcoming section as we have heard so much about the beauty of the area along the John Muir trail…and that there will be much more water!!!

Well, time to head out, will try to get pictures up soon


2 thoughts on “Kennedy Meadows Mi 702!!! Time for the Sierras!!!

  1. So fun to read your blogs….now I don’t want Cali to go ..she will get bit by a rattlesnake!!
    Still waiting for you and Colin’s trail names! Be safe!

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