Sauntering through Oregon

20140328-113528.jpgAfter spending time with Cali’s family we got back on trail by the three sisters in Oregon. We sauntered on, taking our time enjoying the beautiful sights of the area. The three sisters are three volcanoes right in a row, south sister, middle sister, and north sister. It was a remarkable section as you walk past all of them in 2 days. After the sisters we had to hike through miles of lava, the sharp porous black rock covered the landscape for miles in every direction testing the strength of our feet and shoes. Next we walked by Mt Washington and crossed the 2000 mile mark. Shortly after we stopped at Big Lake Youth Camp and they fed us an amazing breakfast, it was a great way to celebrate the 2k milestone. Then we approached Mt Jefferson which is an incredible mountain where we had a great night on an amazing lake with Jefferson behind us and enough huckleberries to pick for days. The huckleberries have been everywhere lately and have made a great addition to our cereal in the morning and our peanut butter bagel snacks. After Jefferson we went over a ridge where we got our first sight of Mt Hood. It was a beautiful spot on a gorgeous day, Jefferson stood tall behind us lit up by the sun and the snow dome of Mt Hood loomed off in the distance signifying that Oregon was coming to an end. We dropped back in to tree cover as we approached Hood, our next sight not coming until we were on the side of the mountain at Timberline Lodge. And what a sight it was! The day started off gray and dreary and we slogged our way down the trail taking little to no breaks to stay warm. We heard from southbound hikers about the all you can eat breakfast and lunch buffet at Timberline lodge and couldn’t resist the idea to hike all the way there that day, so we could wake up to hot coffee and all the waffles we wanted. However this meant a 44 mile day, much further than we had ever done before. But since we had gotten a good start to the day we went for it. The weather broke and we had a nice hot lunch of ramen and soup by a lake before pushing on into the night. Once night fell we took a break to eat some cereal and hot chocolate for dinner. We put on our headlights and hiked into the dark with about eight miles to go. We were feeling good but as time went on the novelty of hiking at night grew old and we began to tire. We started to climb and knew we were close, shortly after we broke out of the trees and there was Mt. Hood glowing under the moonlight in front of us. We clicked off our headlamps and took in the sight and enjoyed the moment. Re-motivated, we pushed on to the Lodge getting in at midnight. We quickly set up camp outside the lodge in the trees and attempted to sleep but our muscles and joints ached from the long day of hiking and made it difficult. We woke the next morning and walked into the nice warm lodge with hot coffee and then stuffed ourselves at the buffet. After our stomachs were packed to capacity we relaxed in the lodge where we sorted through our resupply and repacked our bags for the last 3 days in Oregon. Walking around Hood, we dropped down to cross the milky glacial streams that cut into the landscape. On the last day in Oregon we took the Eagle Creek alternate route that took us along some amazing waterfalls. The trail is cut into the cliff walls along the river that leads to the gorge, taking you under waterfalls and by the beautiful punchbowl.
We strolled into the town of Cascade locks where we ran into a few other hikes and had dinner with them at the local pub. After dinner it was late so we went behind the post office to a grassy area to set up camp. Shortly after getting settled in our tent we heard the worst possible sound… a train. Unbeknownst to us we
had set up our tent right next to the railroad tracks, so we didn’t get too much sleep that night. In the morning my brother Pat and his girlfriend Shana picked us up and brought us back to their place in Portland for a nice day off.20140328-113719.jpg






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