Year of Adventure!

Year of Adventure

After working a year in Boulder and living the settled life, Cali and I decided to pack it all up and hit the road for a year to explore and accomplish some bucket list adventures of ours. After months and months of planning and organizing we hit the road at the end of May. Our plan was to road trip east and canoe the Maine section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Then we would drive back west to my sisters wedding in Chicago and continue west to hike the Pacific Northwest Trail starting in Glacier Nation Park in Montana ending at the Pacific Coast on the Olympic peninsula of Washington. After hiking we would work for a few months at an orchard in Spokane then after the holidays in Seattle we would explore Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

For the most part this is how it worked out except we harvested sugar beets in Montana instead of apples in Washington and we squeezed in a bike tour down the Oregon and California coast in the fall. It was an action packed exciting year of travel, 10,000+ miles of driving, 300 miles of paddling, 1,000+ miles of hiking, 1,500 miles of biking, and endless travels around Southeast Asia.

It’s hard to believe that we fit it all into a year, it seemed like we have been traveling forever. We have seen so my amazing vistas, met extraordinary people, saw friends and family across the country, and challenged ourselves in new ways.
I will try to write more detailed post about some of these adventures soon. But for now enjoy some of my favorite photos form our Journey!!!

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